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Idli-Dosai Sambar

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South Indian lentil stew made with lentil, vegetables and spices suitalbe for Idli/Dosai.

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Idli powder

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Idli powder taste good with oil for Idlis.

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Pepper-Jeera Chicken curry

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Pepper-Jeera Chicken curry combines the peppery flavour and Indian spices to the Chicken.

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Sweet Idiyaapam and egg

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Sweet Idiyaapam and egg also known as Idiyaapa soru in the Southern town of Tamilnadu, India is made of rice noodles and egg.

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Spicy Idiyaapam and egg

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Spicy Idiyaapam and egg also known as Idiyaapa soru in the Southern town of Tamilnadu is made of rice noodles and egg.

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Grilled prawns

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Grilled prawns is a dish made of prawns and garlic that can be served as a tasty appetizer for prawn lovers.

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Grilled Fish

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Grilled fish is a healthy and tasty dish grilling the fish with lemon juice, olive oil and garlic.

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Fish cutlet

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Fish cutlet combines tuna or any firm fish fillets and Indian spices to make a delicious appetizer.

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Egg rice

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Egg rice is a variety of rice that can be cooked quickly and can be eaten on its own or just with Raitha.

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Ghee/Butter Rice

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Ghee/Butter Rice is a variety of rice that can be made on special occasion.

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Long Green Beans And potato fry

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South Indian way of frying green beans and potatoes with Indian spices.

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Dhal curry with eggs

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Dhal curry with eggs is an occasional dish that are made in Southern towns of Tamilnadu, India on special occasions.

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Tomato Korma

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Tomato Korma is a easier and simpler dish made for Dosai/Chapathi.

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Peas Keema

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Peas keema is made of Peas, minced meat and Indian spices.

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Mung Dhal curry

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South Indian lentil soup made with lentil, vegetables and spices.

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