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Its holiday season! Christmas is just round the corner! As much as we wait for the holiday festivities and fun with family and loved ones, it’s the delicious dishes and meals that entice me the most! We’ve started putting together the menu for the big Christmas dinner, and this time the highlight of the menu is seafood.

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Whether you love shrimps, fish or crab – if you’re a seafood lover like me, you probably enjoy these delicacies in all ways – baked, fried, grilled or in the form of dips and sauces. Since winter is upon us, our spirits often become lazy. In winters, a spoilt-rotten person like me doesn’t like getting out of the cozy comforter unless highly necessary – but the craving for a delicious seafood dip often makes me leave the warm bed and head towards my favorite spot in the home other than the bed – my kitchen. Only last week, I bought some salt crackers and doritos from the store. I find it highly unfair to leave these crispy goodies in the pantry for long. So, in all fairness, I tried some shrimp dips at home that go just perfectly with the salt crackers. Even if you want to dip in and have them as is, you’re free to do it. No judging! Here, I’ve shared my favorite oh-so-cheesy shrimp dip that will make your tummy happy! This is an easy and delicious dip that puts your taste buds to test! You can even make this dip a day or two before serving it (in case you want to prep it for a large party). One of the essential steps for this shrimp recipe is to bake it to perfection.

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