Stuffed Capsicum Curry

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This curry is a treat for vegetarian lovers. If you want a flavour of meat, you can replace peas with minced meat or...

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Uppuma is simple, tastier and quick South Indian dish made with semolina and Indian spices for the breakfast....

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Aappam (Hoppers)

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Aappam are the light rice pancakes served in the Southern parts of India. They can be served with Lamb curry, Chicken...

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Pongal is a sumptuous meal eaten for breakfast in Southern parts of India. It is made of Rice and Dal....

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Jaalar Ulladam

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Jaalar Ulladam are made on a special occasion as they taste so good. One minor drawback is it consumes lot of time. ...

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Sambar Powder

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Home made sambar powder for making sambar(South Indian Lentil curry)....

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Sweet and spicy Pumpkin with dough balls

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Pumpkin sweet is a South Indian dish made only in certain regions on special occasions....

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Crispy Pakora

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Crispy Pakora is a South-Indian snack made with gramflour and spices....

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Meat ball – 02

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Meat balls also known as Kayir katti kola is a special delicacy in the Southern state of India. In the ancient time,...

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Dry Lamb masala 02

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Dry Lamb masala also known as Thattukkari roasts the lamb chunks with chilli, fennel seeds and coconut....

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Garlic and Roasted Coriander flavored Lamb curry

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This curry also known as Thaali salna is made in the Southern towns of Tamilnadu, India with Lamb, Garlic, roasted...

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Seeyam also known as Suliyaan are the South Indian sweets made on a special occasion or in the weekend to make the day...

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Sambar Vadai

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Sambar Vadai is an Indian delicacy made with lentil and sambar. ...

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Coconut milk Rice

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Coconut milk rice is a variety of rice that can be made on special occasion....

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Spicy Hoppers

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Spicy hoppers are a special dish that are made in Southern towns of Tamilnadu, India. These can be eaten just with...

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Prawn and Seaweed Somen Noodles

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Cabbage StirFry

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Bhindi in sour sauce

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