Cooking time / Water requirement warning

Chicken: Cooking time of chicken varies depending upon whether the chicken is a young baby chicken or a big chicken and the stove flame. Water requirement varies depending upon whether the meat is fresh or frozen and thawed and how well the chicken is drained. Water requirement and cooking time mentioned in this recipe are a guideline only for the weight of the meat given. Cooking time and water requirement are not in the same proportion to the weight of the ingredients. For eg, if you double the recipe for more people, then the cooking time won't be twice as the cooking time given.

Lamb: Cooking time of Lamb/Mutton varies due to many factors like fresh/frozen, lamb meat, goat meat or mutton, the stove flame and the country where the meat comes from. This is just an approximate time only .

Rice: Cooking time of rice varies depending upon the various factors like whether it is new or old, varieties of rice, raw or paraboiled and the consistency you want etc. If you think the rice is old, add one cup of water additonally than the required amount. If the rice is paraboiled, you need to add more water. If you want the rice to be really soft, then add 1 and 3/4 cup of water per cup of rice, otherwise just add 1 and 1/2 cup of water to 1 cup of rice.

Lentils: Cooking time and water required to cook lentils varies depending upon the country it is available, old or new and the kind of dal used.

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