Vegan Borscht with Barley

The barley makes this pink soup thick and creamy without sour cream. The barley gives it protein.

Posted by Bernadette

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Preparation Time : 10 mins

Marination Time :10-20 mins

Cooking Time : 30-45 mins

Serves : 2

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Cuisine : Uncategorized»

Main Ingredient : Vegetables
Recipe Type : Dinner Soup

Ingredients :


    2 cups vegetable broth

    1 beet, peeled and cut into bite-size pieces

    2 cups cooked barley

    Olive oil

    1 leek

    4 cloves garlic

    about 2 cups swiss chard

Method :
  1. Heat broth to a simmer. Add beets and barley. Cover and cook 45 minutes, or until beets are just tender enough to eat.
  2. Meanwhile, heat olive oil in pan. Add leeks and sautee until browned. Add garlic and swiss chard and cook until swiss chard is wilted.
  3. Add leek mixture to barley and beet mixture.
  4. Pour until bowls and let sit about 10 minutes before eating.

Notes : Would also be good with some vegan sour cream on top. Swiss chard could be replaced with spinach or other dark leafy vegetable. Leek could be replaced with other onion.


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