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Home page - to see the recently posted recipes and links.
Links page - to see all the links posted, search for a recipe link, to share a recipe link or to save any recipe link as your favorite. You have to regiser and login first to save a recipe as your favorite.
Share a recipe page - to share a recipe.
Cuisines page - to see the recipes in Cuisines order.
Authors page - to see the list of authors who have contributed their recipes and links.
Search page - to search for a recipe.
Conversion chart page - to view the conversion chart displaying Solid weights conversion, Liquid measurements, Oven temperature conversion and alternative names.
Glossary page - to see the table of ingredients in English, Tamil and Hindi and their picture.
Recipe index page - to see the list of all the posted recipes in A-Z order.
Contact us page - to contact us.
My account page - to see the recipes posted by you, to edit your profile, to share a recipe, to share a recipe link, to view your favorite recipes, to view your favorite links and to logout.
Register page - to register yourself on to become a contributor or just to save any recipe as your favorite.
Login page - to login.
Logout page - to logout.
Privacy policy page - to see the privacy policy.
When you click on a recipe, you will be taken to recipe details page where you can print, email, facebook like, facebook share, twitter share, Pin it or save it as your favorite. You have to register and login first to save a recipe as your favorite. You could also comment and add a variation to the recipe here in the recipe details page.

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