Semolina/Wheat Recipes

Grilled Pineapple and Red Curry Quinoa

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Posted by Nikki N

Oatmeal Bars

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Posted by Nikki N

Sooji/Rava kheer

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Delicious & Healthy sweet dish...

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Posted by apurwa

Hyderabadi Haleem

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Posted by RAF


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Uppuma is simple, tastier and quick South Indian dish made with semolina and Indian spices for the...

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Semolina payasam

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Semolina payasam also known as feerni is an Indian pudding made on a special occasion as a dessert....

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Kesari / Sooji

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Kesari/Sooji is a delicious and simple Indian sweet. ...

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Keema Chapati

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Keema chapati is a variety of chapati that can be made with minced meat and eaten on its own or...

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Chapati is an Indian bread made with wheat flour. Chapatis are the staple food for many Indians and...

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Wheat cake ball

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Wheat cake ball is an Indian snack/sweet which can be eaten for breakfast or as a snack....

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Aloo Chapati

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Aloo chapati is a variety of chapati that can be made with potatoes and eaten on its own or with...

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Italian Pasta Salad

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Light and easy pasta for family or get-togethers!...

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Posted by sevenwonders93
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